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Updated November 2014

Edy Hernandez
Los Angeles, CA


Work in a web designer/developer related position with a team of ambitious and talented web developers, use my existing skills in various ways, and learn new web technologies while fostering personal and professional growth for your company.


  • California State University, Long Beach - Graduated May 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chicano/Latino Studies
  • Minor: Web Technologies & Applications
  • Minor: Journalism
  • Bilingual - English & Spanish


  • Develop, design, animate, publish, maintain, update & edit web sites using validated HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Foundation, Bootstrap, PHP, Server-Side Includes, WordPress, SVN, MySQL, Content Management Systems, Responsive Design, Adobe Dreamweaver, Coda, etc.
  • Manage websites using SVN versioning software, create and edit web assets using Adobe Photoshop
  • Extensive WordPress experience, create custom WordPress themes, child themes, plugins, PHP, etc.
  • Social media expert, manage online publications, SEO websites and web-pages, organize and market events through newsletters & social media
  • Build, install, troubleshoot, fix, and network computer hardware and software
  • Install, update & secure operating systems, printers, electronic devices, hardware, etc.
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android friendly, jack of all trades computer technician
  • Photo, audio and video editing skills, learn and use new technologies quickly, radio journalism skills
  • Excellent bilingual communication and writing skills, published writer and reporter, AP style friendly
  • Critical thinking skills, deep respect & understanding of people from other cultures, backgrounds, etc.

Work Experience:

Surf Air
- Front End Developer, July 2014 to October 2014
  • Created web pages, splash pages, landing pages, cookie redirects, JavaScript pop-ups, web graphics and assets, new web page layouts and designs for Surf Air’s website quickly
  • Fixed a wide variety of syntax errors through Surf Air’s website, worked with JIRA ticketing system on a wide variety of projects such as QA testing, debugging, updating website copy, etc.
  • Frequently updated website content, created custom styling for both desktop and mobile versions of Surf Air’s website, learned how to use Surf Air’s Maverick management system
  • Worked with JSON to create event specific JavaScript popups, implemented scripts to web pages
  • Quickly learned how to manage Surf Air’s website using Subversion through Mac OS X Terminal commands, pushing new and updated web assets through development, staging, and production phases, learned how to work in a development sandbox environment
  • Learned new Adobe Photoshop skills to create web graphics more effectively
  • Independently continued learning new web technologies, such as JavaScript and Angular JS, in between projects, met and supported team with various tasks using Google Hangouts & Slack
UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center
- Contract - WordPress/PHP Web Developer, July 2014
  • Manually updated WordPress themes, plugins for UCLA Bunche Center Website using FTP
  • Fixed styling issues and created custom CSS styling to maintain website layout in theme update
  • Created web assets & ensured all existing features in site worked properly in new theme update
California-Mexico Studies Center
- Front End Developer, September 2010 to Present
  • Successfully created, launched and designed the CMSC’s first web site using content management systems
  • Used HTML5 and CSS to make site wide changes to website
  • Updated, contributed and managed website and newsletter layout, content, and design
  • Engaged thousands of visitors and new subscribers with new website content and frequent news updates via newsletters
  • Redesigned images and graphics using Adobe Photoshop & GIMP, Implemented and converted documents, audio, and video files into web friendly formats to be featured on the website
  • Ensured web pages and newsletters look great on major internet browsers and platforms
  • Simplified work flow between multiple computers by networking both PC’s and Macs together
  • Implemented social media functionality into the CMSC website, expanded website viewership
  • Performed site maintenance & Search Engine Optimization for maximum search engine visibility
  • Independently fixed a wide variety of computer and technical problems for the organization
Freelance Computer Technician
- June 2008 to Present
  • Build PCs from the ground up, fix PCs and Macs with hardware, software problems
  • Maintain, configure, install computers, devices, operating systems, hardware, software
  • Perform network troubleshooting, hardware maintenance, improve computer efficiency
  • Jack of all trades computer technician
- Writer,Reporter, June 2011 to August 2012
  • Wrote news stories about the latest in the video game industry, previewed and reviewed upcoming video games from all consoles
  • Managed website social media, attended and reported on the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles
  • Engaged readers with new content on the website every day, meet with other writers and improve site content
  • Worked in a WordPress environment to post new stories and blog entries
Kbeach Radio
- Reporter/Host, January 2012 to May 2012
  • Co-hosted one hour news radio show every Wednesday night
  • Reported on breaking news, conduct live and taped interviews on air over the radio
  • Edited sound clips to create stories for radio, conducted live interviews
  • Knowledgeable with radio production, etiquette, and design


Available Upon Request

∗ Please Note: Address & phone number removed from resume to protect online privacy.

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